MISS JADE MOON – Digital Diva

My career in education began over 10 years ago, setting up new and innovative schools in the UK. Motivating and inspiring educators and young people to unlock their creativity and entrepreneurial DNA is the central theme of my work in education.

I passionately believe that technology, creativity and entrepreneurship are powerful enablers for educators to transform communities and for young people to create a future that is uniquely their own.

From setting up after-school programmes for young game designers, to clubs for young app developers to holiday hackathons I created opportunities for young people to explore digital entrepreneurship.

In 2015, I was named one of the ‘top 100 women in the video games sector’ in recognition of my role in establishing the UK’s first ‘geek’ school in Liverpool for 14 -19-year-olds. Working in partnership with the tech sector, I created a school for young people to explore digital creativity, embrace their inner geek, and secure highly desirable tech skills.

Likewise, as a school leader, I placed digital creativity at the heart of my projects from curriculum development to throwing out the schools marketing rulebook in favour of digital marketing techniques, with transformational results.

Digital is what I do. And digital is what Gen Z, a 2.5 billion strong army, of what I like to call entrepreNERDs do too.

Today, I continue my mission working with educators, parents and entrepreNERDs to create a world of digital opportunity.


STEAMED is a virtual after school club for 10-16 year old digital and tech creators. Weekly webinars with leadling lights from the world of science, tech, entrepreneurshop, art and maths provide inspiration and motivation for these young tech stars to create their own digital and tech careers.

Awesome Geeks 

Born after the invention of the smartphone our children have innate tech skills and awe-inspiring creativity.  Learning how to code, design a video game or Minecraft is perfect playtime. Awesome Geeks helps parents to support their child acquire highly desirable digital skills.

 entrepreNERD HQ 

entrepreNERDs are young digital creators, innovators and problem solvers who utilise their brain, hardwired with tech and digital smarts to effortlessly juggle school, friends and hobbies with entrepreneurial projects.

A to GenZ – Your Guide to entrepreNERDs

Gen Y, commonly known as Millennials are old news. Get ready for Gen Z, a 2.5 billion strong global tribe of entrepreNERDs aged 5 to 19. Born into a world of smartphones and social media, they are the ‘connected’ generation. They choose mobile over desktop, YouTube...
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entrepreNERD engage

 How students can combine coding and entrepreneurial skills. Computing teachers, I offer you some inspiration for your coding students. Your students are members of Gen Z, a 2.5 billion strong tribe of entrepreNERDs. This generation are natural entrepreneurs, they are...
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My advice for Simon Cowell – engage entrepreNERDs

ENTREPRENERD ENGAGE: HOW STUDENTS CAN COMBINE CODING AND ENTREPRENEURIAL SKILLS August Bank Holiday – one of my favourite parts of the year. The summer is winding down. A new academic year brings opportunities for fresh challenges and Saturday night reality TV is...
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Socially Savvy at Six

My 6 year old son, Ted, is the coolest kid you will ever meet: bright, funny, sporty and remarkably social media savvy. One summer evening, he decided to combine his two big passions: karate and Justin Bieber. Armed with an out of tune guitar, he freestyled a song...
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My Founder’s Story

My Founder's Story My journey as an entrepreneur began in the summer of 2006... it took 10 years to take the big leap. Quite by accident, in 2016 I started my career in education. I joined a small team of education leaders setting up one of the first academies in the...
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